James Franco Will Play Cokehead Lawyer, Too

May 19, 2011


As if James Franco doesn't have enough going on with a Winona Ryder movie, making super-smart apes, documenting street gangs, being a wizard, adapting great American novels, a Linda Lovelace biopic, and all that tough Columbia homeworks, now our greatest entertainment Renaissance man has another porn-themed project on his schedule.

Variety reports he'll be likely joining Heather Graham, Dev Patel, and Lili Taylor in Cherry, author Stephen Elliott's indie film about an 18-year-old's relocation to San Francisco and ensuing decline into a drug-filled porn career, making real your mother's vision of your move to the Mission. Franco will play the still-uncast girl's cocaine-addicted lawyer boyfriend, Patel plays her Indian "Duckie", and Taylor will join as her alcoholic mother. Graham, meanwhile, will play an older porn star-turned-director, while also herself serving as a meta cautionary tale to young girls hoping to move to the city and make it big: once you flash your tits and play a porn star once, forever are you doomed to flash them and/or play a porn star again.

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