Joel Edgerton Will Kill That Bin Laden Rascal

May 6, 2011


If the sudden ubiquity of Jeremy Renner is any indication, getting a good part in a Kathryn Bigelow military film can be just the thing to propel a career from virtual unknown to a name that comes up before Jeremy Irons when you type "Jeremy" into IMDb. Good news, then, for Joel Edgerton, who the LA Times reports has scored a role in Bigelow's bin Laden-killing Hurt Locker follow-up. Edgerton--who you might remember from when he was up for the lead in the new Bourne, or from when he played young Uncle Owen in the Star Wars prequels, or from when you briefly thought he was a somber Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation, maybe--turned down the repeatedly-shunned male lead in Snow White and the Huntsman for the role, which will see him as a special ops guy in an ensemble of commandos. Oh, and I should probably mention that Edgerton is Australian, so if you were one of the people who flipped out at the casting of a British Superman, prepare to get even more peeved when this guy calls bin Laden a "drongo" before he shoots him.

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