Macho Man Earns His Tasseled Wings (1952-2011)

May 20, 2011


The world today lets out a mournful "oooooooh, nooooo" with the passing of professional wrestling icon "Macho Man" Randy Savage. The two-time WWF champion and outspoken supporter of seasoned, dehydrated meat stalks died tragically in Florida after a heart attack caused him to lose control his of jeep and slam head-on into a tree (ignore any false reports attributing the accident to obscured vision through checkboard sunglasses). TMZ reports Savage's wife of one year, Lynn, was also in the vehicle but sustained only minor injuries.

Outside of Savage's work in the ring, he had also made a career lending his distinctive screaming rasp to animation, most-recently voicing a thug in Disney's Bolt. But since what you really want to see is to see him shout about Slim Jims one last time, here's his inaugural performance in his spokesman role:

May his spirit forever break up the monotony of play practice with heavenly jerky.

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