Michel Gondry Adds French Audrey Tautou Film to All the Other Stuff He's Doing

May 20, 2011


Taking a shot at matching the ridiculously crowded schedules of directors like Sam Raimi and Ridley Scott, Michel Gondry has added a French-language Audrey Tautou film to his future filmography. While the director had previously mentioned eclectic plans to do a movie about Bronx kids on a bus, an animated film about Noam Chomsky, and an adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Ubik, according to the New York Times, this wil be Gondry's "next big feature," and boy does he ever have a twee little That's So Gondry! story about how he got Tautou to agree to star:

"I have a little Bolex camera," [Gondry] said. "You crank to rewind it, and you shoot film - 16 millimeter. I'm doing a lot of short film in different subject. When I wanted to convince [Tautou] to be part of my next project, I did an animation of me asking her with flowers and things, and flying, and sky."

Hopefully he can get all of those projects done before he breaks back up into his constituent elements: cardboard, cotton ball clouds, and dreams.


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