New, Definitive "I Found This Movie at Goodwill" Movie in Development

May 11, 2011


Boasting a cast as impressively hodgepodge as Brett Ratner's Tower Heist--albeit with far higher blood-alcohol level--the heist comedy Sleight of Hand will be shooting in Paris with Gerard Depardieu, Thomas Jane, Til Schweiger, Jon Lovitz, Keifer Sutherland, Johnny Hallyday, and Eric Cantona as its unlikely stars. Brad Mirman, writer of Highlander: The Final Dimension and Knight Moves, is directing, with an eye on a July start. If this sounds like just the kind of project you'd like to invest some money in, Hannibal Classics will be selling the international rights at Cannes, where they'll also have on the block Amityville: The Legacy 3D, and a couple radically different, though equally terrible, 50 Cent movies. Act quick, because that will be your last chance to purchase Sleight of Hand outside of a flea market setting.

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