New Hero Rises To Save Terminator Franchise Future

May 12, 2011


Last we heard about what studio would be delivering us the next Terminator film, Universal, Sony and Lionsgate, and CBS Films were reportedly "looking hard" at rights-holder Pacificor's package, all carefully considering whether a pension-aged Schwarzenegger as a Terminator makes sense, or if maybe they could spin it as Terminator's dad or something. Of those contenders, only Lionsgate remains, but unfortunately for their pocketbooks, a new, unexpected contender has risen to crush their Terminator dreams.

Megan Ellison--the savior figure who salvaged Paul Thomas Anderson's next controversial film, is ready to fund another, and is paying for a third Spike Jonze-Charlie Kaufman collaboration--and her Annapurna Films banner have come in with a higher bid over Lionsgate's attempt to outright purchase the franchise from the menacing-sounding Pacificor. Considering Ellison's track record in the industry, funding films like True Grit and the upcoming Wettest County in the World, a Justin Lin-directed killer robot movie is a real departure from the type of "give us an Oscar, please" indie pictures she's known for producing. Maybe she has some lofty goals for the Terminator franchise? Or maybe she just knows how many indie films she can finance with all the money she earns from people wanting to see Arnold drive a motorcycle through a train while firing a rocket launcher and screaming "I'm back!" Seriously, people are going to pay out the ass to see that happen.

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