'Other Guys' Re-Teaming To Play Football This Time

May 18, 2011


Congratulations, Mark Wahlberg: it looks like your guest pass to Adam McKay and Will Ferrell's comedy club has been upgraded to a permanent photo ID. According to Deadline, the actor will once again be providing some genuine rage across from The Other Guys co-star Will Ferrell in Turkey Bowl--which, like Other Guys, is being set up at Ferrell and McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions. Like most Ferrell/McKay comedies, this one will also involve sociopathic manchildren, but--perhaps a sign that the Funny or Die founders are maturing ever so slightly--this time the plot has a built-in excuse for why grown men are screaming at and physically tackling each other, with Ferrell and Wahlberg playing captains of rival town amateur football teams that gather annually for a tackle football game. The two teams are said to already be filling with the type of cameos you'd expect (Paul Rudd tackling Ben Stiller in the balls, etc.), and Alec Baldwin has already signed to make this a Departed reunion, too, playing Wahlberg's father, and he's really hoping no one from New Line finds out about this.

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