Please Don't Make Me Be in 'Rock of Ages', Begs Alec Baldwin

May 11, 2011


With only two weeks left before Rock of Ages table readings, Alec Baldwin has seemingly come to the revelation that doing a grown-up Glee with Tom Cruise isn't such a hot idea after all, reportedly asking that New Line please let him out of doing this movie "if at all possible."

Baldwin's part--Dennis Dupree, "the owner of the Sunset Boulevard Whisky-A-Go-Go-like Bourbon Room"--had already been turned down by Will Ferrell and Steve Carell, so it really isn't altogether that surprising he'd want out of this thing, too. But the way New Line head Toby Emmerich described it to Deadline, the decision had nothing to do with not wanting to belt out rock classics as showtunes; rather, Baldwin's desperate plea for departure stems from what the actor said was "a newly discovered medical condition," which sounds like just the kind of thing someone would say if they wanted to get out a responsibility as grating as a jukebox musical. Needless to say, Emmerich has a feeling Baldwin might've held the thermometer against a lightbulb while he was out of the room, and added he "was curious to see if Baldwin also pulls out of his commitment to co-star in Woody Allen's next comedy," so expect that Baldwin role to have an unusual amount of inexplicable prolonged moans and forced coughing.

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