Rachel Weisz Up for Love Interest of Guy Who Isn't Jason Bourne

May 11, 2011


With Jeremy Renner set to play the new guy who is similar to Bourne--but definitely not Bourne--in the new Bourne film, Universal's attention has shifted to the concern of who will be a girl in The Bourne Legacy, because everyone at the studio agrees there should be at least a girl or two. According to Deadline, Rachel Weisz is the most likely candidate for the job, with the actress in "even deeper talks" for this role than she is to play an evil witch in Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful. Now, the question is if she'd have time to do both, or if her taking the Bourne role means Oz will have to find another vampish brunette with long, thick eyebrows to match the already-cast Mila Kunis. Jennifer Connelly is going to hate being second pick.

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