Scott Mann Will Remake 'Seven Samurai' For Us

May 3, 2011


It's been almost five years since the Weinsteins first brought up remaking Seven Samurai, but they have not forgotten their promise to do what The Magnificient Seven already did, only worse. The studio has hired The Tournament director Scott Mann to get right to work on this pressing task, working from a script from the writer of BOTH Young Guns films.

This update, per usual, takes the story to the modern day, and it also gets rid of all those "samurai" promised in the title. Instead, the script for some reason moves the action to Northern Thailand, where a town hires seven international paramilitary contractors to defend it from an oncoming siege. Because as cool as watching samurais fight off hordes of attackers was, wouldn't it be cooler to see modern paramilitary contractors do the job? The Weinsteins seem to genuinely think so. Apparently your brain breaks if you eat enough M&Ms off the floor.

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