Time To Start Writing 'Yogi Bear 2'

May 27, 2011


Yogi Bear only opened to a disappointing $16.4 million weekend when it was released last December, but somehow--thanks to persistence, the ineffectiveness of dismal reviews, and not-so-subliminal advertising--the $80 million film managed to make $100 million over its run, and another $100 mill internationally. Naturally, Warner Bros. is eager to see if families will pay to see these lazily composited CGI bears again, and has signed the writing team of Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia to script a sequel. Sternin and Ventimilia, along with Brad Copeland, are credited with writing the first film, so fear not: there will be a continuity of voice throughout the series. Well, provided the studio is still willing to pay Justin Timberlake to do a Boo-Boo impression.

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