We'll Get a Tarzan Movie One Way or Another, and More...

May 6, 2011


- Here's the first still from Disney-Pixar's upcoming short La Luna. Sorry, films competing against this in the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film category.

- Matt Damon will likely star in and make his feature directorial debut with Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses, from Matthew Aldrich's spec script about a father-daughter crime spree. Also, training daughters to be criminals is becoming a common theme, apparently.

- Universal's Javier Bardem-starring adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower has reportedly been delayed since the studio realized, holy shit, making three films and a TV series is going to cost so much fucking money!

- Warner Bros.' multi-year attempt at starting a Tarzan franchise hasn't gotten anywhere, so they're hiring two different writers to simultaneously bang out completely different versions of a potential Tarzan script. Because when has scattershot not been the best approach?

- Vince Vaughn generally being sort of a greasy dirtbag has finally led to him playing a Long Island bookie in Lay the Favorite.

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