'X-Men: First Class' Marketing Campaign Now Dependent on Calm Weather, and More...

May 31, 2011


- You can keep your viral campaign, The Dark Knight Rises; X-Men: First Class will stick with the tried and trued methods used by guys looking to make eccentric marriage proposals: skywriting. Maybe a surprise ad on the Jumbotron next?

- If you have a way to shoot a Star Wars television series for a tenth of the price of a Star Wars movie, give George Lucas a call over at the ranch, because he's got 50 hours of TV planned but no affordable way to get it made. Before you even say anything, know now that removing any wacky, expensive, CGI comic relief is not an option.

- If you responded to the casting call to show your tits in the next American Reunion, you weren't the only one: American Pie boob-shower Shannon Elizabeth is game again, too.

- Hopefully finishing up casting for the in-production adaptation of Hunger Games, Donald Sutherland will play the part of President Snow, "the autocratic ruler of Panem who uses the violent Hunger Games as a way to maintain control." Wait, is that the same reason American Gladiators suddenly showed up on primetime in 2008?

- Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are developing the young adult short story anthology Let It Snow, with the hope of turning it "into a teen Love Actually." Keep your schedule open, Taylor Lautner.

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