'Zookeeper' Trailer: Kevin James Dates Extremely Attractive Women, Takes a Silverback to Friday's

May 17, 2011


Zookeeper Kevin James Character thought he had the life: a job he enjoyed and an enviously modelesque girlfriend who was seemingly fine with his comical weight problem. Unfortunately for him, it turned out she DID have a problem with him tending to exotic animals, and the two seemingly broke up following rejected proposal.

So begins the trailer for Kevin James's Zookeeper, a film seemingly made solely for those who felt that uppity Doctor Dolittle wasn't proletarian enough. Fast forward five years later, James is still happily working for the zoo when he's presented with two opportunities: a chance to reconnect with his old girlfriend and an offer for a respectable sales job at an upscale car dealership. Everything is falling into place, KJ! Except, ut oh, it turns out ex-girlfriend is dating Joe Rogen now! Sounds like someone sure needs the high-concept counsel of a group of captive animals who suddenly all reveal they can speak English...

Careful there with Rosario Dawson, Kevin: in between all that TGI Friday's product placement, you might just fall in love.

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