Animated 'King Kong' Film Will Take a Look at Giant Gorilla's Side of Things

June 7, 2011


The story of King Kong has been told and retold on the screen since the '30s, but somehow never yet as a 3-D animated film told from the perspective of Kong himself, so Fox Animation has decided they might as well be the ones to do that. The studio has hired the writing team of Christian Magalhaes and Bob Snow to write a script that will apparently modernize the tale and tell it "from the vantage point of the ape," which I can only assume means having an overweight comic actor provide a voice for Kong to recite pop culture jokes from atop the Empire State Building. So hopefully Jack Black's work on Kung Fu Panda doesn't rule him ineligible, because that's clearly who they want remarking, "I can see the cast of The Jersey Shore from up here!"

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