Caplan, Brie, Starr, Arend Will Save the Date for Shooting Film Called 'Save the Date'

June 3, 2011


Bringing together our top brunette sitcom crushes of the last couple years, director Mike Mohan has cast Party Down's Lizzy Caplan and Community's Alison Brie in his upcoming indie romantic comedy, Save the Date. Those hoping the two might kiss will be disappointed to learn the actresses will be playing sisters--one who's "at peace with life and long-term commitment" (Brie, obviously), and another whose future remains confused (Caplan, probably with a nose ring or something).

Like the last Lizzy Caplan indie romantic comedy we heard about, this one too will be a Party Down reunion outside the realm of Starz, with Martin Starr also joining the cast in an unspecified role that will certainly be a nerd. Rounding out the cast is Devil's Geoffrey Arend, who will play a character "passionate about music and [who] cares tremendously for Caplan's character," and then he'll go home to Christina Hendricks, because this guy somehow gets to be with all our favorite small screen gals. Who next, Arend, Alex Mack?

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