Haley Joel Osment Re-Inviting Dead People to Line of Sight

June 28, 2011


With at least six rival Frankenstein films going around Hollywood, each production is working on some way to differentiate themselves from their competition. As for Slash--who, you may recall, has his own production company and is producing one of said Frankenstein films--he's got it all figured out: get that Sixth Sense kid!

Haley Joel Osment, who now looks something like this (above) instead of anything resembling an adorable kid, has signed on for the lead in Slasher Films' Wake the Dead, Jay Russell's adaptation of the Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) comic of the same name. The Brad Bird-headed former child star will play Victor Franklin, a college student who, in the tradition of the eponymous Victor Frankenstein, experiments in raising the dead--and if I know college kids, that means resurrecting either a babe to have sex with or a tall guy to win the big basketball game and score the already-living babe! Or maybe not, since this is a Steve Niles story. Regardless, fear not that Osment won't be able to handle this role, if you were afraid of that. Producer Rob Eric told Variety, "This role allows him to break out of his shell and he will have no problem handling it," which I guess also means Haley Joel Osment has been in his shell all this time. So if you thought Secondhand Lions was raw as hell, just wait until see this shit.

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