Jamie Foxx Probably Your Django (Unchained)

June 23, 2011


Yesterday's note that Jamie Foxx was the likely frontrunner for Django Unchained has now been upgraded to a full "this is happening," with word from Deadline that Quentin Tarantino "has made his choice" and is beginning negotiations with the former Jamie Foxx Show star.

After talks fell through with Will Smith--no room on the soundtrack for Willow Smith, seemingly--Foxx beat out fellow back-up contenders Idris Elba and Chris Tucker for the title role, and he'll be staring alongside Christoph Waltz in the fight against scoundrel Leonardo DiCaprio, who's playing a plantation owner that runs a slave-exploiting brothel/coliseum. While it was at this phase that things broke down with Smith's casting, we're told this deal is pretty set and "shouldn't take long." Can't blame Foxx for wanting to get his salary ironed out before the August release of Skank Robbers.

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