Jason Bateman Will Be in Another Vince Vaughn Comedy

June 10, 2011


A name has been drawn for the "Who's Going To Be in This Vince Vaughn Comedy?" lottery, and sorry, Owen Wilson, Kevin James, etc., but you are not our dubious winner. For our latest Vince Vaughn comedy, The Insane Laws, Jason Bateman will be the one throwing on some Dockers to play an everydad alongside Double-V's retreating jawline. The two actors--who previously appeared together in Couples Retreat, The Break-Up, and Dodgeball--will play lifelong best friend forevers who find themselves suddenly at odds when Bateman's son falls for and impregnates Vaughn's daughter. And just wait until Vaughn finds out his grandson will become a teenage lycanthrope, too! Whuuuuuh ohhhh!!!

The Break-Up screenwriter Jeremy Garelick is making this his directorial debut, so you should expect the film to basically be that same "eff you, eff you back"-style comedy, except with Jason Bateman in place of Jennifer Aniston. Though, considering Bateman's already worked with Aniston three times now, maybe she can still come along as one of the unusually hot wife characters. We still need those, right?

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