'Looper' Has a Release Date, and It's Forever from Now

June 9, 2011


Brick writer/director Rian Johnson's next film, Looper, promises us time travel, hitmen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Bruce Willis with a machine gun, a twisted plot involving meeting your future self, and more. Sounds pretty good, right? Yeah, I thought so, too. Only thing: it's apparently going to be another year-and-a-half before we get to see it. Distributor FilmDistrict today revealed a September 28, 2012 release date for the film, giving us about 15 months before we're seeing much of any looping. But on the plus side, now we can use that as a nice, distant deadline for getting our lives together, huh? Guys, let's get our lives together by the time Looper comes out.

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