Matthew Goode Playing Mysterious Uncle

June 9, 2011


Winning a role so prestigious as to have had hot commodities Colin Firth, James Franco, Michael Fassbender, and Joel Edgerton all consider it before deciding to do other stuff, Matthew Goode is in talks to play the male lead in Oldboy director Chan-wook Park's US debut, Stoker. Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman are already signed to star in the film, which centers on a teenage girl (Wasikowska, naturally) coping with her father's death and a "mysterious uncle" who suddenly shows up. Goode would be filling the role of the enigmatic uncle, which means Chan-wook Park has only to find a goofy, hockey-loving, Popeye-impressionist uncle if we're going to bring this mourning girl up right.

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