Naomie Harris Probably New Bond Girl

June 7, 2011


Now that MGM has committed to getting a Bond movie to screens in a year-and-a-half, time to figure out who Daniel Craig will be taking his shirt off for. And the most likely candidate for the coveted role of "Bond Girl"? Naomie Harris--probably best known as the Pirates of the Caribbean voodoo lady. As reported by always reliable News of the World--and later confirmed by actual sources that aren't bullshit British tabloids--the actress has officially been offered a part in the next, still-unnamed 23rd Bond film. Still no word on whether or not the actress will accept the role, but it's probably going to depend a lot on if she whether looks at what being a Bond girl did for the career of someone like the now-ubiquitous Gemma Arterton, or if she looks at what it did for the career of Blonde and Blonder star Denise Richards.

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