Nicolas Winding Refn Shares Fantasy of Seeing Christina Hendricks in a Wonder Woman Costume

June 20, 2011


Nicolas Winding Refn long ago revealed an interest in tackling a Wonder Woman movie, and at the Friday premiere of his latest, Drive, he provided an update on the status of his dream project. In short, he still doesn't have permission to do that--but if he did, he'd sure like try cramming Christina Hendricks into that bustier! Pointing to his Drive actress, Refn told reporters, "If I ever get to do [Wonder Woman], she's going to be it," and then everyone thought about that for a few minutes.

Hendricks, for her part, has already made clear she's up for it, last year telling Rachel Ray, "I've been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life." But that still doesn't take care of some major logistical problems standing in the way of this getting made. Like: would the studio want to take a chance on launching a Wonder Woman film so soon after a Wonder Woman TV project couldn't even get off the ground? And if so, would the director of Bronson and Valhalla Rising really be the kind of guy they'd hire to do it? Also: is Christina Hendricks capable of accelerated movement? Like, can she even jog at a brisk pace? I'm genuinely not sure she can, nor that I want her to be able to. She should forever remain a shapely cloud of pillowy womanhood drifting slowly past our dreamy gaze.

So anyway, that bit of fantasy casting more than likely won't happen, but still feel free to replace this image with the vivid picture currently in your brain.

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