[UPDATED] 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Adds More British Dwarves

June 22, 2011


With Universal rushing to get their Snow White film out within a close enough timeframe to Relativity's Snow White film that it will be really annoying, the studio has added a few more actors to fill outs its dwarf population. Joining lead dwarf Ian McShane will be Eddie Izzard, Super Mario-hater Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, and Steven Graham, all of whom are in negotiations for diminutive parts in the film. As with McShane playing a dwarf named Caesar, these new parts too will diverge from the emotional/doctoral identifiers we're all accustomed to, with Izzard playing the burly Tiberius, Hoskins playing the blind Constantine, and Jones playing the timid Claudius. Marsan and Graham's parts were not yet revealed, as those two were only added to pad the castlist enough that Izzard and Hoskins wouldn't think their casting implied they looked as much like dwarves as Toby Jones does. Don't worry, guys: no non-dwarf nor mythical dwarf has ever looked as genuinely dwarfy as Toby Jones.

UPDATE: Ray Winstone, too.

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