'Tabloid' Trailer: Miss Wyoming Invokes the Marshmallow Defense

June 10, 2011


Depending on who you ask, former Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney is either a beauty queen who used her feminine wiles to save a man from a cult, or a maniac who flew to England, kidnapped a recent Mormon convert, drugged him, chained him to a bed, and raped him for a few days straight in the hope of humping the Mormon brainwashing out. The papers of the late '70s told the latter story, but in Tabloid, documentarian Errol Morris--whose work on The Thin Blue Line, Mr. Death, etc. have made him no stranger to giving demonized peoples and weirdoes a forum--gives Ms. McKinney a chance to finally defend her side of this bizarre tale. Her argument? Raping a dude would be "like puttin' a marshmallow in a parking meter." Sold me, but apparently there's another side to things, and Tabloid gets down to the bottom of all of it. Here's your trailer:

It's sort of like how a sasquatch or something will save a boy lost in the woods, but then the rangers will want to take shots at him because they don't understand what he did, when really they should applaud him as a savior. Not really, but her modern day hair kind of makes me think "sasquatch," so I just went with it.

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