'War Horse' Teaser Sets New Standard for Mawkish Horse Films

June 29, 2011


Who dares release a film about a horse, wherein said horse is neither a famous racehorse nor able to deliver wisecracks? Why, it's none other than Steve Spielberg, who's adapted War Horse--already a successful novel and stageplay--for theaters, and plans to release it the same month as his Adventures of Tintin movie. Daring! Only thing is, judging by this trailer, shouldn't this be Hallmark Channel's Movie of the Week?

So many horse close-ups! Am I supposed to be getting anything from the horse's expression other than "I'm a horse"? But yeah, it's a Spielberg, so he'll probably pull this off, and we'll all leave the theater wiping away equine-inspired tears while also wondering, "Why haven't we created an all-horse army yet?"

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