Warner's Tarzan Movie Now Likely Three Movies

June 2, 2011


Since at least 2008, Warner Bros. has been hopelessly attempting to relaunch a Tarzan franchise--first hiring Stephen Sommers to direct the thing, and more recently taking the time-honored approach of throwing shit at a wall, hiring two writers to simultaneously bust out scripts to see what sticks. Now word is coming out that one of those writers--Craig Brewer, the writer/director of Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan, and the upcoming Footloose remake--also did the extra credit work, returning with a whole G.D. Tarzan trilogy. The other writer, Adam Cozad, is still reportedly diligently doing his writing assignment like a good little boy, but considering the studio's need for multi-film franchises in this new, Harry Potter-less frontier, I wouldn't be surprised if we soon see some movement on Brewer's end. We can only pray that Cozad doesn't sell his research across the Atlantic, and help the Germans in their attempt at beating us to the 3-D Tarzan blockbuster.

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