Yes, There Will Probably Be Another 'Hangover'

June 1, 2011


In case you hadn't already guessed after The Hangover, Part II opened to $200 million worldwide, yeah, there is probably going to be a Part III. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has already started on the process, and already they've got a writer on board. Craig Mazin is the writer that brought us the poorly-received Hangover, Part II script--and before that he notably wrote two Scary Movies and Superhero Movie, so that might explain a lot of why the Wolfpack's latest film was basically just a wacky, extended reference to the first film--but Warner isn't interested in improving things, just replicating the formula they imagine made the profits, so they've hired him once again. The Wolfpack boys themselves, meanwhile, have no sequel deal in place, so expect their negotiations to bring about salaries rivaling the last time we paid someone a fortune to finish up a deteriorating comedy trilogy: when Chris Tucker got $20 million-against-20% to be Rush Hour. Also expect the guys to black-out drinking and awaken to a series of bizarre clues hinting at what happened the night before, because that seems to be working well enough for everyone so far.

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