Your Kid Is Going To Make You Repeatedly See This 'Thomas the Tank Engine' Movie

June 9, 2011


In a Hollywood that's largely given up on mature, intelligent, adult films in favor of movies about CGI animals interacting with live-action humans in a way that might modestly entertain a toddler, who better to join the movie-making party than HIT Entertainment? As rights-owners of Barney, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Angelina Ballerina, Mike the Knight, Pingu, and more, the company already has a horizontally-integrated monopoly on your small child's TV-watching eyeballs, and now they're taking their properties over to the big screen, too. Eschewing the studio system, HIT CEO Jeff Dunn has already independently commissioned a Thomas the Tank Engine script from Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb--the creators of our beloved Adventures of Pete & Pete and, sadly, writers of 2007's Alvin and the Chipmunks--and has now hired Shane Acker to direct. Acker earned high praise for the visuals in his feature debut, 9, and his prior work with Weta Digital has brought that company onto Thomas's creative team as well, thus guaranteeing your toddler will surely be wowed by the seamless blending between live-action and funny choo-choos. Though, one must ask: Is Alec Baldwin on board? And, more importantly, by the time this hits theaters, will Cars 2 have tired the 2-to-5-year old demographic of funny faces on vroom-vrooms, funny faces on pwanes, etc.? Something to think about while drifting off during this afternoon's nap.

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