Ben Stiller Will Direct Ben Stiller in 'Secret Life of Walter Mitty'

July 20, 2011


Back when we first heard about Ben Stiller starring in 20th Century Fox's Secret Life of Walter Mitty remake, it truly seemed destined to end up under the directorial leadership of Night at the Museum's Shawn Levy. After all, we're talking about a film about Ben Stiller getting involve in wild, fanciful daydreams, and a film for which Fox was reportedly eager to "lock in a cinematic director who can mix action with a PG rating"--which, as I said then, is basically like spelling-out "bone" so that Shawn Levy the Dog doesn't hear and get so excited he ruins the carpet before you can give it to him.

Well, it turns out that "cinematic director who can mix action with a PG rating" wasn't Shawn Levy after all, as Variety now reports Ben Stiller--who, notably, has never mixed action with a PG rating--will direct himself in this goddammer. Sorry, for the false alarm, Shawn Levy. You can return to curling up and napping/directing movies about boxing robots.

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