'Cabin in the Woods' Will Supposedly Be in Theaters Next Year

July 21, 2011


With the Joss Whedon-directed, Chris Hemsworth-starring The Avengers coming to theaters next May, Lionsgate has decided that might be a good time to drop off that other Whedon/Hemsworth collaboration they've been sitting on, too, and have set an April 13 release for The Cabin in the Woods. Set to be Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard's directing debut, the horror film stars Hemsworth and was co-written by Whedon, and has been bounced around both release dates and studios. Back when it was at MGM, the studio even went through all the trouble of printing out some posters advertising a February 2010 release date, but obviously that never came about, what with MGM almost going out of business for a while there. Now it's supposedly coming out, though, so get ready to find out what's in that cabin in the woods. If history is any indication, probably scary daddy long-legs.

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