ESPN Will Be a Movie, Too

July 26, 2011


20th Century Fox is working out a deal to acquire the movie rights to James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales' ESPN: Those Guys Have All The Fun, an oral history telling the story of how the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network went from a joke network showing Australian rules football to the channel your dad automatically switches the TV to as soon as he sits down. The idea, it seems, is to make something akin to The Social Network, only far less relevant. Two of the film's three producers worked on the Facebook-centered film and, as Deadline notes, "The drama of ESPN's formation -- there's plenty of back-stabbing and egos in this tale -- has elements reminiscent of The Social Network." Other evidence that Fox will try to make it like The Social Network: people really liked that Social Network movie. And, though it's early to predict, there's also probably a pretty reasonable chance that Sports Night creator Aaron Sorkin wouldn't mind getting on board. So it sounds like the part of young Craig Kilborn is yours to lose, Armie Hammer. Start practicing being smarmy.

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