Even More GD 'Hobbit' Dwarves, and More...

July 14, 2011


- You know, as sick as I am of the daily photos of more and more Hobbit dwarves, this guy who looks like Taft in Hammer pants is pretty good.

- America Ferrera and Julia Stiles are attached to star in a comedy about four couples who meet for brunch and end up stuck in a house together as the world possibly comes to an end. The Todd Berger film is currently called It's a Disaster, replacing the earlier title Even Stupider Couples Retreat.

- So, remember how the Weinsteins decided to make a Bad Santa sequel to accompany similarly belated sequels to Shakespeare in Love and Rounders? They've now hired two independent writers to bang out scripts, with the better script becoming Bad Santa 2 and the other one either becoming nothing or Bad Santa 3. That gives one writer a piece for the ghosts of deceased BS cast members Bernie Mac and John Ritter to haunt.

- Ethan Hawke has signed to star in Scott Derrickson's untitled, micro-budgeted horror film from Insidious and Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum. Practice your "that noise was very creepy" face, Ethan.

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