Even More 'Hobbit' Dwarves, and More...

July 12, 2011


- Here's a first look at Fili and Kili, two of the The Hobbit's youngest and most Andrew W.K.-inspired dwarves.

- John Cusack is taking over Toby Maguire's role in Lee Daniels' The Paperboy. He'll play a convicted death row inmate whose guilt comes under question when a college dropout and a reporter realize, come on, John Cusack killing a sheriff? Look at the guy!

- If Alec Baldwin can't get himself out of being in Rock of Ages, he's going to at least make sure 30 Rock co-star Will Forte has to be in this POS jukebox musical, too.

- Michael Chiklis has signed on to play the villain opposite Jason Statham in Parker. Taylor Hackford is set to direct this nigh hairless production.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger's first film project since leaving office--and also, notably, since telling everyone that he's grunted atop a non-Shriver--has been decided. It will be Last Stand, a Western that will be the English-language debut of Korean director Kim Ji-woon and is said to be "an old-fashioned Western specifically designed for a 63-year-old broken-down guy." No doubt for a guy with an out-of-place Austrian accent, too.

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