'Evil Dead' Remake Coming to Fruition, Diablo Cody Helping

July 14, 2011


Of all the many projects Sam Raimi has claimed he'll eventually get to, surely the most feared and reviled is his long talked-about Evil Dead reboot that absolutely no one wants. Naturally, then, that's the one we're getting, with Ghost House Pictures today officially announcing the remake with a statement declaring that the film will be directed by Fede Alvarez. "Who the fuck is Fede Alvarez?" you ask? Good question. He's a Uruguayan filmmaker who, up to now, has only made a few shorts. His latest, Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!), got some attention online because it involves giant robots, which is a subject the internet likes.

Alvarez already wrote the thing with writing partner Rodo Sayagues but, apparently noting that their script for Ataque de Pánico! was basically "MONTEVIDEO - DAY - Robots fuck shit up," Raimi has enlisted Diablo Cody to pepper their work up with her signature cute references and all. Just what an Evil Dead remake needs! And if you're hoping that maybe Bruce Campbell will storm in with a chainsaw and hack all of these plans to pieces while making pithy comments, as admittedly awesome of a vision as that is, it is not going to happen. Campbell is so agreeable about all this that he's co-producing, so, more than likely, you'll instead see him in a cameo as "Older, Strong-Jawed Man."

As a taste for what's to come, here's Alvarez's Ataque de Pánico!. If nothing else, I guess he has a good command of somewhat convincingly putting CGI in things?

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