Final 'Harry Potter' Breaking Records Already

July 13, 2011


Hey, cheer up, you sad sacks: your final chapter of the Glasses Wizard saga won't officially hit theaters until late Thursday night, but already it's setting some meaningless records. Warner Bros. reports that, with advance ticket sales of over $32 million, the film has now become the top pre-selling movie of all time. Additionally, when it does open this weekend, it will be screening on some 274 IMAX screens--a new industry record--and, in total, will be showing on more than 11,000 screens in 4,375 locations, setting a new record for the Harry Potter franchise (because we also keep track of Harry Potter's own discrete records now). This myopic magician boy is really catching on! Return Monday if you want to hear more about how much ridiculous money this thing is making.

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