Harrison Ford Will Keep Playing Cowboys Amidst Imaginary Events

July 25, 2011


Harrison Ford's weary face says he's completely over this cowboy shit, but his negotiations to play Wyatt Earp say maybe he'll keep his earring out and ascot on for a bit longer. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ford is in talks to star as Earp in Black Hats, a Max Allan Collins novel adaptation that will continue Hollywood's recent love affair with ridiculous revisionist history. In this tale of Earp's post-O.K. Corral antics, the former cowboy learns that Doc Holliday had a son who, living in 1920s New York City, has gotten himself into trouble with Al Capone. Earp teams up with former deputy Bat Masterson, now a sports writer, and then the story "becomes a tale of six-shooters versus tommy guns"--a tagline that probably sold these movie rights nearly as quickly as the tagline "cowboys versus aliens." My 1940s childhood spent playing Cowboys & Indians seems so mundane now.

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