Here Comes a Gargoyles Movie, and More...

July 20, 2011


- Disney has the G.I. Joe screenwriters working on a gargoyles movie that, thankfully, is in absolutely no way associated with Gargoyles, the beloved '90s cartoon series that employed the voices of half the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Hopefully these gargoyles will still wear those little belts and loin cloths, though, so that we won't see their gargoyle junk.

- Now that Dark Tower isn't happening anytime soon, Ron Howard has added another film to his docket. In addition to Spy Vs. Spy and Rush, now he's also doing an adaptation of Under The Banner of Heaven, a 2003 book about two brothers who committed the murder of their younger brother's wife and child--acting on personal orders from God, they claimed, as if that isn't what every crazy person says after they kill a few people.

- Robert Redford will direct and star as a Weather Underground militant on the run from the FBI in The Company You Keep. Shia LaBeouf will also star, playing a reporter chasing down Redford's character in a Camaro that turns into a robot.

- Warner Bros. is developing the Justin Rhodes spec script Second Son, said to be "an adventure set on another planet with twists." So it probably turns out the other planet was Earth all along.

- Neil Moritz will produce an adaptation of Red Star, a comic "set in an alternate USSR where futuristic technology and magical elements co-exist." Peter Stormare will certainly be in this.

- Bryan Cranston isn't going to be in Gangster Squad anymore. Sorry.

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