Joe Johnston Would Make a Boba Fett Movie if George Lucas Would Let Him, and More...

July 19, 2011


- Because Captain America is somehow still not enough of a fanboy porn for Joe Johnston, the director, in his own words, is "trying to get George [Lucas] to make a feature based on Boba Fett." And if that doesn't get the fanboy contingent cheering for him, he'll move on to championing a Simpsons spin-off based entirely around Disco Stu.

- The nuanced acting R&B/hip-hop artist Trey Songz used in telling the touching story of "Yo Side of the Bed" will soon be carried over to the film world, with Songz taking the male lead in the latest, 3D Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot.

- Crispin Glover is taking over William H. Macy's part in Charlie Matthau's adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Freaky Deaky, so prepare for that character to now be unspeakably unnerving.

- Dennis Quaid has signed on for What To Expect What You're Expecting, joining a cast too vast and cumbersome to even bother with typing. He'll be playing Brooklyn Decker's much older husband, because Quaid's character either has money or is Adam Sandler.

- Men of Honor director George Tillman Jr. is attached to direct a film about Peter Buckley, the former English welterweight most notable for his startling 256 losses for his 300 boxing bouts. So, logically, this film should then be as powerful as 256 Rocky Is.

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