'Knights of Badassdom' Trailer: LARPing Retreats Further into Fictional Realm

July 25, 2011


In the recent documentaries Darkon and Monster Camp, the world of live-action role-playing (LARPing, duh) was brought wayyyy too far into the realm of fact, with the films introducing a real world wherein adults get dressed up in little armor outfits, shout, throw things, and fight. Thankfully, with the upcoming Knights of Badassdom, we'll soon be getting a reprieve from that harsh LARPing reality with a fictional, comedic take on the ....sport(?)--a take that involves a group of role-players forced to fight an actual fantasy being Steve Zahn accidentally summons from hell. Also starring Game of Thrones fan favorite Peter Dinklage, True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, Community's Danny Pudi, and all-around attractive gal Summer Glau, the film--if you couldn't already tell from the cast and title--is tailor-made to give self-professed geeks a handjob, even giving an obligatory head nod to everyone's favorite LARPing YouTube. So if you are one such geek, and you are going to watch this trailer, please bring a jacket or something to cover yourself. You might need it.

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