MGM Would Like RoboCop To Be More Handsome, Chris Pine-Like

July 13, 2011


If MGM gets their way, it seems Chris Pine may be the one telling Detroit's criminal legions that they really need to drop it. Apparently feeling that Peter Weller's original portrayal of RoboCop was too old and not enough of a dreamboat, the studio is now rumored to be looking at Star Trek's latest James T. Kirk for the lead in that Cyborg Officer reboot they're so keen on doing. No offer has yet gone out, and it's unclear whether director José Padilha is okay with this choice, but as of now, says Twitch, Chris Pine is the man whose baby blues MGM would like beaming from behind that crimson visor. It obviously seems like a misguided idea driven by ignorant, greedy corporate interests, but you know what? So was the idea to turn a dead cop into a law enforcement robot, so maybe this could all work out--so long as this casting, like the original RoboCop, is all just a big satire about our bleak future. That's what it is, right, MGM?

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