New Line Clubs That 'Escape from New York' Remake in the Head

July 21, 2011


In a rare instance of Hollywood for once not gorging itself on empty calories just so its open bag of junk food won't expire, New Line has allowed the option to drop on their plans to do a hollow remake of John Carpenter's 1981 classic, Escape from New York. Plans to dump that into theaters have been threatened for years, with various directors and actors occassionally attaching themselves to the film--like Brett Ratner and Gerard Butler did back in 2007, which sounded terrible--but never moving forward with it. Most recently, Sahara director Breck Eisner and Inception's rising star Tom Hardy were rumored to be up for absconding from Manhattan, but with this development, it looks like that won't be happening any time soon. That is, unless another studio just immediately buys up the rights and gets right back to work at it, which one probably will, so never mind. The tale of a cycloptic convict rescuing the President from a wholly incarcerated borough is simply too timeless for us not to utter again and again.

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