Ridley Scott So Done with All This 2-D Garbage, and More...

July 22, 2011


- Sir Ridley Scott says: "I'll never work without 3-D again," This is just like when Dad got so excited about emails the week after he bought that Compaq.

- Steven Spielberg says Jurassic Park IV will happen in the next two or three years, Michael Crichton's angry spirit notwithstanding.

- Robert Rodriguez says Frank Miller has finished the Sin City 2 script, and the film could go into production as early as this year. Presumably, the sequel will at last reveal what Marv smells like.

- In this statement, Relativity Media assures everyone that those old plans to make a live-action Voltron movie still stand. Phew!

- Charlie Kaufman's sophomore directorial effort, Frank or Francis, has Nicolas Cage, Steve Carell, and Jack Black lined up to star, giving them all something to be proud of before they go back to CGI animal voices and hairpieces.

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