Some of 'Transformers 3' Was Just 'The Island' with Robots Added

July 5, 2011


If you were one of the many who went to the theater this weekend to watch Michael Bay blow some shit up, you may have noticed that a few of the special effects shots in Transformers 3 looked a whole lot like some shots from The Island. Actually, no, you probably did not notice that, because you have not watched The Island enough times to have detailed memories of every shot of a car flipping over. Thankfully, a Venezuelan Michael Bay fan named Jermain does have that sort of acute The Island visual recall, and on YouTube has posted evidence that Bay re-used some footage from that film in his latest release, as last providing us something to criticize about the otherwise infallible director. Gotcha, Bay!

Here's the side-by-side video proof:

Conclusion? I'm sorry, but you'll have to draw your own conclusion. No one else can decide what you should think about this.


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