Universal Giving 'Nutcracker' Movie Another Go

July 26, 2011


Though I wouldn't expect anyone to remember, the last time a feature-length Nutcracker adaptation opened was just last November. The Elle Fanning-starring 3D film, descriptively titled The Nutcracker in 3D, opened in only 42 theaters and, over its entire domestic run, made just $195,459 of its estimated $90 million budget--probably in part because this monkey man is too haunting for children to look at. Still, though, "The Nutcracker, but as a 3D movie" is an idea with a royalty-free name the boys down at Universal recognize, so they're going to give it another shot. As reported by Variety, Peter Chernin and Universal Pictures have just bought a pitch from Jon Gunn and John Mann that gives us another take on the classic tale. Because surely interest in seasonal, ornamental walnut-crushing mechanisms must have picked up more cultural relevance since last November, right? Sure, guys.

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