'Zookeeper' Marketing Travels Back in Time To Make Its Presence Known in Old Sitcom Episodes

July 7, 2011


As if Zookeeper's aggressive, enthusiastic insistence that TGI Friday's is an establishment suitable for either man or beast wasn't a disgusting enough showing of product placement, now the film itself is finding its way into places it doesn't belong. As noticed by a keen-eyed reader over at The Consumerist, the back cover of a carefully-placed magazine is now advertising for the Kevin James comedy in the background of an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Synergy! However, what makes this gratuitous bit of advertising so disturbing isn't so much that it's happening but that this episode of the sitcom is from 2007--back when Kevin James was still presiding as borough royalty, never imagining he would become even a mall cop, let alone a zookeeper. As you can see from this shot of the episode as viewed online in its original form, the magazine wasn't always there but was only recently added digitally, a grave portent of our dreary advertising future.

How many days until Jerry Seinfeld's prominent Superman memorabilia bears the face of Henry Cavill? How many hours until George Lucas realizes his original vision for Star Wars included reminders that Zookeeper hits theaters nationwide this Friday? When the background periodicals in twice-daily How I Met Your Mother reruns can't be trusted, WHAT CAN WE TRUST?


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