'Arena' Trailer: Samuel L. Jackson in Rotten, 'Gamer'-esque Gladiator

August 1, 2011


Want to see Samuel L. Jackson feasting, dancing with Asian babes, and delivering dialogue with all the subtlety of his performance in Frank Miller's The Spirit? Of course you do. That's why Sam Jackson mixes in all these Snakes on Planes and xXx: State of the Unions amongst his other, less shitty films: because he knows you want to see this. Also because Samuel L. Jackson really loves a paycheck.

In Arena, Jackson plays the head of some kind of powerful futurecompany that somehow has the power to force guys into gladiator-style battles. These battles are streamed online and end when the viewing public clicks their choice of "stay" or "kill"--the latter proving popular for finally giving internet users the "dislike" option they'd been rallying to get for so long. It's a fine business model for Jackson, and it affords him the luxuries of dancing Asian babes and a boardroom covered in excessive food platters, but his authority comes into question when his latest recruit--this bleached hair guy from Twilight--refuses to fight. This makes Sam Jackson shout a lot. Anyway, here's the terrible trailer:

Well, I'm glad to see Halloween USA's "Cannibal Prisoner" costume being put to good use as an actual movie wardrobe. Still, needs more ridiculous aliens.


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