'Avengers' Involves Explosions, Mob Panic; 'Dark Knight Rises' Has That Bat Plane Thing

August 15, 2011


Over in the streets of Cleveland (above), explosions are happening and people are freaking the eff out, all in the name of pretending Marvel superheroes The Avengers are doing things on the streets of Manhattan. Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, a cluster of arbitrarily-assembled panels is being towed around like a kite to give the illusion that Batman is flying his Bat-Thing around town. While not all of us can be in those places to see the proceedings, residents of those cities have gracefully shot some covert video from their locales, letting us all share in their sneaky, desperate glimpse inside the superhero movie girls' locker room. Possibly catching the vague silhouette of Batman in the Bat-Thing cockpit is the new maybe seeing a nipple unless it was just a mole, sadly.

Have some video:


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