'Blues Brother' Will Be a TV Show Now, and More...

August 31, 2011


- Dwayne Johnson tweeted the above photo as evidence that actor/comedian DeRay Davis has a part in G.I. Joe 2. Also as evidence that the two of them arm wrestled outside a ladies' room.

- Actor Ben Whishaw says Tom Tykwer's Wachowski-produced adaptation of Cloud Altas will see the cast all playing multiple roles and genders, which is either inventively progressive or a sign that this film has the production values of a local theater production of Our Town.

- HBO has picked up Mike Tyson and Spike Lee's boxing drama, Da Brick, thus continuing Tyson's slightly disconcerting path towards surprising redemption.

- Considering Dan Aykroyd's vodka-soaked enthusiasm for stretching his beloved creations to the limits of their tolerability, I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that he and the widow Belushi have decided to bring the Blues Brothers back in a television series described by writer and former SNL staffer Anne Beatts as "Route 66 meets Glee." I can't wait for that harmonica-laced rendition of Don't Stop Believin', and then my own death.

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