'Bond 23' May or May Not Have This Title, and More...

August 30, 2011


- Have you guys been seeing these Drive one-sheets hanging around places? Pretty good.

- There is some evidence that Sam Mendes's upcoming Bond film may be titled Carte Blanche. Hopefully that won't cause any international confusion with foreign releases of the 1994 Disney comedy Blank Check.

- Moviepass, that unlimited-theatrical-movies-per-month pass system that immediately failed after AMC and Landmark said they weren't going to do it, is going to give it another try with a new system through which the rate will vary depending on your local ticket prices--meaning it will probably be way pricier than the original $50-per-month offer if you live in a major market. Buying new releases off the blanket of an old Chinese woman in a subway station sounds like a better plan every day.

- That Thin Man remake Johnny Depp has demanded Rob Marshall put him in is now being written by the prolific David Koepp. In the original films and the books, the central character was perpetually intoxicated, so: yay, more non-lucid Depp! (As I've said, our best Depp.)

- Steven Spielberg and Stephen King are teaming up for a Showtime drama based on King's Under the Dome, which centers on a group of Maine residents whose town gets surrounded by a force field, stranding them from the rest of the outside world and leaving the townsfolk battling. Place your bets now if the Shore or Baldwin faction will persevere.

- And in today's model-in-a-real-movie news: Gemma Ward will be in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby.

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